Specialist fitness retreat and fitness camp that’s all about rapid results. For those with smaller weight loss goals or wanting to take their fitness to a new level. Request brochure »

intense fitness retreat training

Fitness boot camp style

Get rapid results with intense fitness camp training at the fitness retreat. Intensity is the key and our expert fitness retreat trainers will support you every step of the way.
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healthy food in fitness retreat programs

Balanced nutrition

Your fitness camp meal plan is designed for maximum results and is balanced and healthy. It’s not a diet and you won’t feel hungry once you get used to the meal plan.
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personal trainer for fitness retreat camps

It’s all about you

Your personal fitness retreat coach will help you highlight your goals and suggest the best fitness program for you to achieve maximum results.
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Boot Camps

Stunning retreats

Fitness retreats and fitness camps are offered out of stunning resorts in NSW, Victoria, Perth and Sydney. You will find a perfect fitness resort to reach your goals.
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Fitness retreat for weight loss results

Results that matter

The fitness retreat program is intense and you can expect healthy, but rapid results. You will work hard to get your results but it’ll all be worth it!
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Fitness retreat training

Right program

The fitness retreat program is designed for those with smaller weight loss goals or people who simply want to take their fitness to another level.
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Fitness Retreat in Sydney

Fitness Retreat in Sydney

Located in Narrabeen on the Northen Beaches of Sydney this residential fitness retreat is offered by our friends at KickStart Fitness Camps. With direct beach access and comfortable cabin style accommodation this Sydney Fitness Camp makes a perfect fitness retreat or fitness holiday.


Fitness Retreat in NSW

Our friends at  OnTrack Retreats offer a fitness retreat in NSW from the Quay West Magenta Shores resort in Magenta, near the Entrance, NSW. Just 90 mins from Sydney this luxury coastal resort makes a pefect fitness retreat.

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Fitness Retreat in Victoria

Fitness Retreat in Victoria

Offered by OnTrack Retreats this Melbourne Fitness Retreat in Victoria benefits from a luxury resort perched on the headland in Torquay, Victoria.

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Fitness Retreat in Perth

Fitness Retreat in Perth, WA

Our partners at OnTrack Retreats offer NewStart guests the only fitness retreat in Perth or WA. Resort style accommodation means a comfortable stay and rapid results mean a body transforming experience.

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