4 Mistakes That Are Making You Overeat

When we eat we rarely think about how we are doing it. We just finish our food and are done with it. However, the way we eat can have a big impact on our digestion and how much we eat.

Eating Big Bites

Remember when your mom told you to take smaller bites? She was right. When you take big bites you overwhelm your digestive system and finish your meal quickly. Your body does not get enough time to figure out that it is full. Eating smaller bites slows down our eating and helps us to get full with less food.

Not Chewing your Food

Even if we take smaller bites we may still finish our food quickly. Often we do not completely finish chewing our food before we swallow it. Concentrate on chewing your food and making sure that it is completely chewed up before you swallow it down. This helps with digestion and allows your body to feel full faster.

Eating Quickly

Taking smaller bites and chewing your food can help you slow down as you eat, but for some it does not. Try not to think of your meal as a race to finish and instead enjoy your food. Take your time and pace yourself. The longer you spend eating the more time you give your body to feel full.

Drinking and Eating

Most people enjoy having a beverage with their meal. Some even believe that having a drink fills them quicker preventing them from over eating. However, eating and drinking together actually does the opposite. When you drink a beverage it causes the food in your stomach to settle, allowing you to put more food in. Try drinking 30 minutes before you eat instead, which can help get your body ready to receive a meal.


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