5 Best Boot Camp Fitness Exercises to Improve Your Stamina

Boot Camp Fitness

We often forget the importance of a quality workout session, resulting in undesirable body looks. This leads to anxiety and other mental obstacles which prevent us from living our best life. 

Start the process of building your body and improving your daily life. Workout after workout, we get stronger and stronger. We get more agile, strengthen ourselves, and endurance follows. 

If you want to feel this way, we chose five amazing boot camp fitness exercises that require no equipment and will help you improve your stamina.


Push-ups are an inevitable and fundamental exercise. Your whole upper body is worked. Primarily, after a couple of sets, you will feel your chest and arms enlarge. The heart starts pounding faster and blood starts to flow at a higher rate. However, the core, back, and legs are less targeted.

For a starting position in a standard push up you need to lie down on your chest. Position your palms near your chest and push yourself. Hold your upper position for a few seconds then bring yourself down without touching the ground. Repetitions and sets depend on the trainee’s capability.

Tip: Try to maintain a firm core and a straight body posture during each push-up. Do not slouch or curve your torso.


Squats help strengthen your legs. Glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. This is a very underestimated exercise. It works your legs which are the largest group of muscles in our body.

The larger the muscle the more oxygen it needs, resulting in more energy directed that way. Maybe you have noticed that when working out your legs, you get the most sweaty and tired.

When it comes to a proper squat, you need to pay attention to some key points:

  • Keep your legs at shoulder-width apart 
  • Go down slowly and inhale
  • Your back must remain straight
  • Your knees must not go beyond your toes which can result in an injury
  • Go as low as you can
  • Exhale when you’re pushing up


An exercise that works out your entire body. All you need is enough floor space for your body position. 

The traditional plank position starts with your forearms and toes on the floor. Elbows directly under your shoulders and forearms pointed forward. The head should be relaxed and looking at the floor. 

Do this exercise in sets with improving your time in the plank position.

Tempo run

Divide your run into three segments. Set yourself a goal in which the first and third segments you run slowly. And your second is at a threshold pace. 

Threshold pace is defined as the pace where you run without generating more lactic acid than your body converts back to energy. This results in a challenging but stamina-improving exercise.


Burpees are a very challenging exercise. They intensify your push-ups with a movement of getting up and jumping. This helps with a great improvement of your cardiovascular health and your stamina. 

Start by doing a squat and lowering your hands. Kick your legs so you end up in a pushup position. Do the pushup and frog kick your legs forward, from which position you get your body upstanding. 

That completes a burpee. Begin with a lower number of repetitions and build it up.

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