5 Reasons You Are Not As Healthy as You Want to Be

Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone is doing what it takes to get there. You may feel like you are doing everything you are supposed to but still you have no energy. There are a number of tasks you need to perform daily to ensure you are in peak condition.

Drink More Water

Most people do not track the amount of water they take in, and simply assume they are getting enough. If you do not drink enough water, your body cannot function properly. You need water to flush toxins, hydrate your organs, and lubricate your joints. The average man needs 3 litres of water while women need around 2.2 litres every day.


Never undervalue the importance of exercise. Exercise is not just a way to get fit (though it can help you look and feel better); it also helps you keep your heart in shape and gives you a great stamina boost throughout your day. The average adult should exercise for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes every week.


In addition to regular exercise, it’s important to stay active. Being active means that you are involved in activities outside your regular workout routine such as going for walks, doing yard or housework, and dancing. When you are sedentary your body wants to remain that way. Staying active reminds your body that movement is important and will prevent you from feeling out of breath when you walk.


Diet is not about temporarily avoiding certain foods. Your diet is the way you eat on a regular basis. If your diet consists of fast food and high sugar high fat foods you may feel sluggish and out of shape. Our food is our energy source and helps us to grow muscles and keep fat at bay. A healthy diet involving a lot of fresh produce and lean meats will keep you feeling strong and energized throughout the day.


Sleep is a tricky thing to get right. If you have too little sleep you risk experiencing sleep deprivation and losing functioning. If you sleep too much you can feel lethargic and develop depression. This is why it is important to pay attention to how much you sleep. Sleeping between 7 to 10 hours every night will keep you energized and ready for the day.

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