8 Healthy and Delicious Dessert Ideas

If you’re one of those people with a major sweet tooth, you know what a challenge it can be to keep sugar to a minimum in your diet and keep your weight from creeping up. Good news: there are healthy – and delicious – ways to satisfy that urge. All of these snacks do contain sugar (what fun would they be otherwise?) but they also include healthy real foods, so at least you’re getting some top-quality nutrition for your calories.

1. Chocolate-dipped strawberries. You can get your chocolate fix with more nutrition and fewer calories by dipping strawberries into melted chocolate; this way, your dessert is mostly fruit and tastes like heaven.

2. Frozen chocolate-covered bananas. Similar to chocolate-dipped strawberries, a chocolate-covered banana is healthy and chocolatey with the added bonus of being cold. Freeze banana halves, then roll in melted dark chocolate and refreeze. Voila!

3. Chocolate milk. Relive your childhood with a cold glass of chocolate milk – its protein and carbs make it an excellent post-workout recovery drink (and a tasty treat).

4. PB&J. When was the last time you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Make it on whole-grain bread and use natural peanut butter and all-fruit spread to keep it healthy. This snack has the perfect amount of sweetness with plenty of nutrition.

5. All-fruit ice pops. Puree any fruit such as watermelon, peaches, or berries with a little apple juice and freeze in Popsicle moulds for a refreshing and 100% healthy treat.

6. Frozen grapes. Grapes have lots of antioxidants and other nutrients that lower cholesterol and promote good health in various other ways. And they are surprisingly delectable frozen!

7. Peanut butter and chocolate pretzel dip. Melt a square of dark chocolate and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter in the microwave, then dip a few mini pretzels (or one large pretzel rod) for a great salty-sweet combination.

8. Cinnamon toast. Toast a slice of whole-grain bread with about a half-teaspoon each of butter and sugar and lots of cinnamon.
The next time you get hit with a major sugar craving, try one of these healthy alternatives and enjoy indulging without derailing your diet!

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