Could Therapy Help You Lose Weight?

People often turn to talk therapy or counselling to help them deal with difficult issues such as relationship problems or addiction, but have you ever thought of using therapy as a way to help you with your weight loss efforts? It may just be more beneficial than you’ve ever imagined. Sitting down face to face with a therapist who specialises in weight issues can be enlightening, especially when it comes to the risks of carrying extra weight, the lifestyle changes needed to lose the weight, and why you are overweight in the first place.

Certainly, some people turn to weight-loss surgery or prescription medications to lose weight, but talk therapy is an option that’s open to many more individuals. And finding a way to get your weight down to a healthy number is important, not just so you’ll look and feel better, but so that you’ll lower your risk of chronic and potentially fatal diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

In-person counselling typically sees the highest success rates, but now there are also other options such as digital or phone counselling, and these are definitely better than nothing. And the great thing about counselling is its potential to help millions, whether they are desperately trying to save their own lives by losing large amounts of weight or just have a little to lose and can’t figure out why they can’t make it happen.

One thing is clear, for most every overweight person in the world: it’s not just about food choices. If it were, almost no one would be overweight. Instead, your weight is the result of many factors, and emotional eating, fear, mental blocks to weight loss, and other psychological issues could be at the core of your weight struggles. Counselling can help tremendously with getting to the bottom of issues like these and establishing new behaviours that can help you finally make the changes you want to make. Ask your doctor for a referral or look for a therapist who has helped people with eating disorders or weight loss issues in the past. Therapy might just be key to long-term weight loss you’ve been looking for.

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