Eating Healthy for One

Do you live alone? If you’re like many people who do, you’ve probably found that it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet. There are many reasons why singles tend to have poorer eating habits, including inadequate cooking skills, the increasing cost of food, and lack of motivation to shop and cook without a partner to share the work. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to up your kitchen game and drastically improve your diet (and your health), even if you live by yourself.

  1. Eat dinner every evening. Of course, it won’t happen every single night, but try to set the table and have a meal of real food most nights of the week. Being in the habit of eating dinner is not only an opportunity to get lots of important nutrients, but it can also be a highly enjoyable and relaxing ritual.
  2. Plan ahead. Plan what you’re going to eat and when. Planning can help keep you from buying too much food (and watching it go bad). Plan the meals you want to cook, and also plan how and when to use the leftovers. Most recipes serve two or more, so remember when you do your shopping that leftovers are likely.
  3. It isn’t necessary to cook all the time. Convenience foods aren’t necessarily bad. You can often find pre-made salad, pre-chopped veggies, and pre-cooked meats or entrees at your local supermarket and these options can be just as nutritious as the food you prepare yourself. For maximum enjoyment, put these foods on plates and sit down at the table to eat them, just as you would if you cooked.
  4. Yes, you can eat out alone. Eating out breaks up the monotony of cooking dinner every night. You can bring along a book or just relax and enjoy your meal. Some people prefer to eat their meals at the bar when they go out – this is also a fun way to meet some interesting people.

Regardless of when or where you eat, be sure to choose healthy foods most of the time. Even fast food restaurants usually have salads available. Avoid falling into the trap of eating burgers and fries too often. Making an effort to eat healthy, even alone, will pay off big time in health and overall happiness.

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