Give Them a Squeeze – Add Lemons to Your Diet Today

They’re zesty, tasty, and you usually think of them as a way of adding a little bit of flavour to your favourite dishes, or else as flavouring for sweet drinks and lollies. But lemons have been called the healthiest food on the planet, and when you get a closer look at these fruits, it’s not very difficult to see why.

They are packed full of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, and their juice has many great qualities. They can help prevent kidney stones; the juice supports weight loss, it can aid digestion, they can give you an abundant helping of potassium, and they can make for an energising beverage that will help you ditch caffeine at the front door. They naturally give your immune system a boost as well thanks to all that Vitamin C, which is always a big benefit.

One of the best ways that you can add lemons to your diet is to drink lemon water every day. A glass of lemon water provides you with an incredible number of vitamins in a form that is easy to drink and easy to digest. Many people say that warm lemon water is the best for this, as well, especially as this can be a great way to wake up in the morning and start your day.

Because it enhances enzyme function and stimulates the liver, lemon water is also said to be a great way to naturally flush the body of toxins, which is often cited as another of the key benefits of drinking it on a daily basis. Some other cited benefits – better skin and better oral health, although the acid of lemons can be hard on the enamel of the teeth, which is why it is important to dilute the lemons in water properly.

Generally, a half a lemon’s worth of juice per glass of water is recommended for those under 70 kilos, and a whole lemon’s worth of juice per glass of water is recommended for those over 70 kilos. For those who still find it a bit too tart, a little bit of honey can help sweeten it and make it go down smoother.

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