Healthy Eating Habits that Actually Work

Fad diets are all over the place. These diets can seem fun at first, but it’s usually impossible to stick to them for more than a few weeks at a time. That’s why most people never see any lasting results from them. Instead of latching onto the latest trend, why not try some of these science-backed habits that can help you become healthier and lose weight?

Eat food you love.

You might think that cutting out foods you tend to overeat is the answer, but this can backfire. A diet full of foods you don’t enjoy is not likely to be successful. Food can and should be a source of pleasure. Control your portion sizes and don’t eat dessert every day, but do include foods you love in your diet on a regular basis. Speaking of portions…

Portion size is critical.

Simply eating less is easier said than done, but it’s the simplest and most efficient way to lose weight. Portion sizes have become larger and larger over the last few decades, and a major reason why weight struggles have become so common. Keep your portions small.

Bring your own lunch.

Almost all restaurants these days will give you more food than you need at one meal. It’s easier to stick to correct portions when you pack your lunch. Decide ahead of time – before you’re hungry – what you’re going to eat, and you’ll find keeping calories in check throughout the day will be much easier.

Eat lots of protein and fibre.

Protein and fibre both help you stay full longer. Chocolate bars, biscuits, and other processed foods usually lack these components and often leave you hungry again not long after eating them.

Avoid liquid calories.

The calories in juices and sodas can add up. Get your calories from food instead and drink water. You’ll feel more satisfied and have room in your diet for more healthy nutrients.

Avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

It sounds simplistic, but it really works. Don’t go shopping when you’re feeling hungry, because it’s too easy to fill your cart with junk food and things that weren’t on your list just because they catch your eye.

There are many tips and tricks you can put in place that will make a huge difference in how successful your weight-loss efforts are. Try a few today!



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