Healthy Foods to Try This Year

You’ve finally learned how to pronounce quinoa and managed to find a kale recipe or two you can tolerate – but guess what? Now there’s a whole new batch of health foods gaining recognition, and they promise everything from better skin to enhanced mental acuity to weight loss. Step aside, fruit smoothie – there are some new players in town.


Jackfruit smells a little like rotting sweet onions but tastes (when cooked) a bit like pulled pork. The largest tree-borne fruit there is, jackfruit contains seeds that are rich in potassium, protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. Enjoy it ripe or unripe in stir-fry, curries, juice, or dried as chips.

Plant Waters

Step aside, coconut water. You’re not the only plant water in town anymore. Now consumers are discovering beverages made from artichoke, maple, cactus, cucumber, and watermelon – all natural hydrators and wonderful alternatives to sports drinks. These waters are rich in electrolytes and potassium while also being much lower in sugar than soda and many sports drinks.

Bean Pasta

These days, people avoid gluten like the plague, and alternatives to flour-based products are becoming more and more popular. Pasta made from bean flour is one of the most in-demand products. These pastas are made from lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes, and are loaded with protein and fibre.

Anything Purple

Purple foods tend to be rich in antioxidants that help lower your risk of cancer and heart disease – and they go a long way to brighten up a dinner plate. Purple cauliflower, potatoes, asparagus, rice, and even chips and cereals ¬– and all on supermarket shelves waiting to be sampled.


Been there, done that with quinoa? Try gluten-free, non-GMO sorghum and experience sky-high levels of protein, iron, and B vitamins. Look for sorghum in granolas, cereals, health-food bars and other snack products.

Coconut Anything

Years ago, coconut was reserved for coating the outside of sweets such as lamingtons and rum balls – but it has now taken over everything from oil to water. Coconut’s popularity is only expected to grow in the coming year thanks to numerous coconut products on the market, including coconut butters, sugar, flour, tortillas, syrups, ice creams, and yoghurts. Healthy fats and a low carb content make coconut a healthy choice anytime.

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