How Old Do You Have to Be to Attend a Fitness Boot Camp?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Attend a Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness boot camps can be attended by ten years old and up. There are also special fitness programs and boot camps that specialize in specific age groups. You should first consult with your doctor before attending a fitness boot camp, though. 

Even if fitness boot camps are created for building a healthy body, your body may not always be up to the strain some programs can cause.

As a result, let’s explore a bit more about fitness boot camps and who can attend them.

Is a Fitness Boot Camp For Everyone?

Yes and no. Some fitness boot camps can be very intensive. If you have some health-related issues, they can do more damage than help you. So before deciding to attend one, you should consult with your doctor if you are eligible to go to a fitness boot camp. 

You can also research what exercises are included in the fitness boot camp and decide if these are right for you. 

In addition, there are retreats and other fitness camps that use gentle yoga, stretching, and core exercises that can help you more than going to a traditional fitness camp.

Types of Exercises to Expect in a Fitness Boot Camp

The type of exercise depends on the fitness boot camp you will be attending. 

For children aged 10-14, the workouts include karate, gentle yoga, core workout, and stretching. 

For teens aged 14-18, the workouts consist of aerobic and weight training. As a safety measure, attendants will mainly focus on doing more reps than actually lifting heavier weights. Before starting, however, you should consult a doctor if it is safe to do weight lifting. 

For adults aged 18 and up, there are different styles of fitness boot camps. You have indoor and outdoor boot camps, aqua fitness boot camps, online fitness camps, and military-style boot camps. 

What type you choose will depend on your character, your fitness level, and if you are a home workout type of person, or you want to exercise outdoors together with other people. 

Are There Fitness Boot Camps for Seniors?

Yes, there are fitness boot camps for seniors. The exercises at those fitness boot camps are like the type of exercises you will find at the boot camps for children and teens. 

The workouts include activities that focus on strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. The training contains weight lifting, aerobics, stretching, etc. The full workouts highlight full-body exercises that include arms, hamstrings, muscles on your back, quadriceps, etc. 

Before enrolling in a fitness boot camp, you should consult with a doctor or run the program with a physician to see if you can do these exercises. There is a chance some of the activities may be too much to handle for some people.  


As we can see, Anyone can attend a fitness boot camp. From a ten-year-old to seventy-year-old seniors, and even older. Keep in mind, there are different types of fitness boot camps. You can choose depending on how fit you feel and what types of workouts you want to do most.

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