How Sugar Harms Your Health

Most people eat much more sugar than they need each day. This sugar overload causes all kinds of havoc in your body. You know you need to limit sugar, but do you know exactly why? Here are some of the ways sugar is wrecking your health.

1. Sugar fattens up your organs.

Fructose – found in high-fructose corn syrup as well as table sugar – trigger your body to store fat in unusual places, such as around your liver. Try avoiding sugary beverages to limit your intake. Most of the fructose in your diet should come from natural sources such as fruit.

2. Sugar promotes diabetes.

Eating too much sugar increases your risk of developing diabetes. Lower your overall intake by reading labels. A lot of hidden sugar lurks in unexpected places such as ketchup, bread, frozen dinners, and more.

3. Sugar is bad for your heart.

Heart disease and stroke are intricately related to diabetes. Indeed, they are the top causes of death among those with diabetes. Limit your sugar intake to minimise these risks

4. Sugar takes a toll on your blood vessels.

Excess sugar increases insulin in the bloodstream, which is bad for your arteries. Over time, high insulin levels lead to tense artery walls, which sets you up for high blood pressure and, ultimately, a heart attack or stroke.

5. Sugar raises cholesterol.

Those who eat a lot of added sugar are more likely to have high cholesterol and is because excess sugar prompts your liver to churn out more cholesterol while, at the same time, harming your body’s ability to clear it out.

6. Sugar is addictive.

Sugar triggers the release of brain chemicals that make you feel good. And you can develop a tolerance for sugar, meaning that you need more to get that feel-good fix. When you cut sugar from your diet, keep in mind that it will take a while (a week or so) for your taste buds to adjust to less sugar. After that, though, you may find food you once loved now seem way too sweet.

7. Sugar makes you hungry.

Sugar may scramble your body’s ability to signal your brain that you’re full. Want to curb cravings? Try going for a 15-minute walk when you feel tempted.

These are just a few of the ways sugar harms your health. Do yourself a favour and limit how much you eat – your body will thank you for it.

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