How to jump start a sluggish metabolism

Keen to kick-start spring with all engines firing? Want to feel more energetic throughout the day yet able to sleep deeply and restfully during the night? The key could lie in improving the performance of your metabolism. Thankfully, making a real impact to how your metabolism works is actually quite easy to do.

Start this season off on the right foot by using these easy tips to boost your metabolism and improve your health.

Tip 1: Embrace weight training
We all know that weight training improves our muscle tone and helps keep our bones strong. But did you know that weight training could also help boost your metabolism? Weight loss Camps are the best way to keep the routine of your training.

This is because weight training burns calories both during your workout and after your workout. It’s also because lean muscle mass needs more calories, so you’re burning more calories when you work out and when you’re not as well. The more muscle mass you have, the more of a calorie burning machine you will be. It’s all about building it up however, so start off slow. Rest assured though that the benefits will continue to increase the more regularly you train.

Tip 2. Slow down
Stress doesn’t just feel crappy; it impacts our bodies (and minds) negatively too. Research has shown that women who are vulnerable to stress are more likely to have a greater amount of abdominal fat. In addition to this, stress attacks your immune system and puts your body into a state of panic. And surprise, surprise, it also decreases the effectiveness of your metabolism.

And while we can’t always prevent ourselves from being in stressful situations, we can control how we react and what we do after the fact. Engaging in some deep belly breathing is a quick fix to help calm a stressed body and switch off the fight or flight response.

On a long-term basis, if you are in a stressful job or have a lot going on in your life, you should consider meditating regularly. There’s been plenty of research done on the topic of meditation and the benefits it offers to your mind and body, including decreasing your blood pressure, improving mood and concentration and even boosting the immune system. If you’re a newbie to meditation, aim for five to ten minutes a day, working up to 20 minutes.

Giving your body a break from stress will give your metabolism a chance to level out and then start working effectively again.

Tip 3. Turn up the heat
Did you know that your metabolism automatically revs up in the warmer months? This is usually why we tend to gain weight during winter and then shed it during summer.

A good way to use this knowledge to your advantage is to deliberately raise your body temperature. Eating regularly will ensure that your body temperature rises naturally during the day. You can also try visiting a sauna.

Tip 4. Eat less at night
This isn’t a new rule, but it’s one that is often forgotten or neglected when we’re considering our health. But the truth is that our bodies really weren’t designed to eat large, heavy meals at night. Our metabolism slows down in the afternoons and evenings in preparation for rest and sleep.

Rather than fighting this, you can go with the flow and rearrange your meals so you eat more at breakfast and lunch. Stick to lean protein, complex carbs and lots of veggies at night.

And last but not least, keep moving. Any physical activity is good for you and more and more research is showing that prolonged periods of sitting down are really impacting our health. Take a break every hour and walk around your office or home and make sure your build regular physical activity into your day.

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