Lose Weight Gradually Through Smart Food Substitutions

We all know that it is very important to lose weight gradually if you want to keep the weight off. Yet it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To start, pick one unhealthy item in your daily diet, and consider ways to reduce your intake through substitutions, until you can eliminate the offending food entirely. By modifying your behaviour around key foods, you can affect remarkable changes. So think specific. Think small. Don’t try to change your whole life at once. Instead, tackle one unhealthy food habit at a time. You’ll soon see the results your behavioural changes in the mirror!

More Water, Less Soda

Make a commitment to drink more water, with the goal of getting off soda. If you typically drinklarge cans of soda, buy the new smaller cans that allow you to drink a smaller serving. Then alternate a can of soda with a glass of water. If you hate water, try substituting plain seltzer. If plain seltzer is just too unpalatable, add a small amount of no-sugar-added fruit juice to your seltzer — just enough to add some flavour. Gradually reduce the amount of juice you adduntil you are drinking plain seltzer. From seltzer, make the transition to water.

More Fruits, Fewer Candy Bars

With patience and attention, you can decrease your intake of other highly caloric foods in the same way. Do you eat a candy bar every day?Try switching things up with a naturally sweet food once in a while. Have fresh pineapple, a banana or an individual box of raisins. These foods are much healthier, and can satisfy your sugar craving without the massive caloric intake. With time, your sweet tooth will adjustand you’ll find even apples, cherries, blueberries and strawberries can satisfy you!

More Lean Meats, Less Fatty Processed Meats

Another substitution that promotes healthy weight loss is cutting down on your intake of high-sodium and fatty processed meats. If you are a lover of cold cuts, sausages, and hot dogs, make the switch to leaner meats. A broiled skinless chicken breast is much lower in sodium and fat than salami. Canadian bacon is leaner than regular bacon. And a lean buffalo burger is just as satisfying as a regular burger. As you adjust to leaner meats, consider adding fresh or canned fish to your diet, once or twice a week.

With the gradual introduction of healthier foods, you’ll feel healthier, look healthier,and live a healthier life!

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