Making your Produce Last Longer

It is great having fresh produce to cook with. However, sometimes it does not last as long as we would like. Here are a few tips for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher for much longer.

Buy Fresh Organic Produce

You might be surprised to find out that organic produce often lasts longer than traditional produce. Even though normal produce has preservatives, this often means that it sits on a shelf for much longer. The preservatives break down over time, which means you take your food home and it quickly begins to spoil. If you buy fresh organic produce from a local market you know exactly how long it has been since it was picked and can be certain how long it will last.

Fridge or Counter

Often our instinct is to throw all our produce straight into the fridge. However, this is not always the best way to help our produce stay fresh and crisp. When storing produce, be sure to look up the best way to store it. Some produce should be refrigerated at certain times of the year and stored on the counter when it is in season. A little research into proper storage can save you from having to throw away spoiled food.

Freezing Produce

This should only be used as a last resort if you are afraid that your produce is going to spoil soon. Produce is still best when fresh, but freezing it can prevent you from having to throw good food away. Vegetables can be frozen if you blanch them quickly and then put them in ice water. From there, you can bag them and stick them in the freezer for later. Fruits are not as easily frozen and it is best to look up the specific recommendations for each type of fruit when freezing them.


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