Moving Past the Easter Binge

If you’re anything like most people, you’ll spend the week following Easter in a catatonic state of complete and utter chocolate egg inebriation. You’ll probably feel bloated, stuffed and more than a little green around the gills.

After all, with the abundance of delicious, tantalising eggs circulating around Easter time, (cleverly masked as ‘gifts’) how can you resist the temptation to throw out your healthy eating plan for a few days?

But now that Easter is over, it’s time to get your nutrition back on track. Stick with us as we run you through some simple techniques and methods to purge your body of all that excess sugar and gunk to feel energised, clean and detoxified once more.

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Step 1. Drink up
We all know that drinking a sensible two litres of water keeps us feeling healthy, happy and hydrated. But did you know that drinking water could also neutralise the impact of eating unhealthy foods?

By upping your intake of water for at least the few days following your chocolate binge, you’ll kick-start a natural detoxification process, thus removing any junk and gunk from your system.

Some experts believe that drinking water directly after consuming junk food can help neutralise the impact, but this has yet to be scientifically proven. To play it safe, sip slowly throughout the day (rather than gulping down 300mls at a time) and keep an eye on your hydration levels. Remember, feeling thirsty is already a late warning sign of dehydration.

Step 2. Keep it clean for five days

Next, it’s time to pay penance for your junk food sins. While indulging in some ‘pleasure’ eating every now and then isn’t too bad, it’s all about moderation.

We recommend sticking to the 80/20 rule – i.e. a diet that is made up of 80% raw, natural and healthy foods (nothing processed) and 20% ‘pleasure’. If you’re guilty of spending the weekend with a group of chocolate bunnies, then it might be a good idea to ‘go clean’ for a working week.

Essentially, all this means is that you limit any fatty, processed or ‘junk’ foods for five days to give your system a break. Heavy, processed foods are harder for the body to digest. This means that by limiting the consumption of these foods, you’re giving your body a chance to expend energy repairing itself, rather than digesting a Big Mac.

Stick to things like leafy greens, lean protein, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Try out some healthy smoothie and juice recipes and listen to your body. How you feel after a meal is a good indication of how good for you that meal was. If you feel sleepy, grumpy and lethargic after your lunchtime meal, then it might be time to investigate some new lunch ideas.

Step 3. Make friends with green tea

Okay, so green tea might not be the most delicious drink on the planet. And sure, it can’t really compare to a warm hot chocolate. But can a hot chocolate prevent cancer, eliminate toxins, boost your metabolism and give you a jolt of antioxidants?

More and more research is showing the mounting health benefit of a cup (or few) of green tea a day. From giving you gorgeous glowing skin, to supporting your weight loss efforts, green tea really is the health warrior beverage. So during your post-Easter binge, it’d be a good idea to make friends with green tea.

There are some really good brands on the market like Madame Flavour that use a green tea and pear mix that is easier on the taste buds. So try out a few different kinds and find one that you enjoy. Then? Just sip and relax.

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Step 4. Don’t neglect your daily exercise

During long weekends, it can be easy to forget (either deliberately or not) to partake in our regular daily physical activity. With all of the social commitments, family gatherings and Easter egg hunts, Easter time is particularly notorious for a distinct lax in physical activity.

So during your five-day cleanse, make sure that you get back into the habit of exercising daily. You should be doing at least 30 minutes of activity a day, and rotating a mix of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility activities.

And finally, be kind to you. This might sound a little out of context, but remember you only have the one body. What you do have however, is many choices. So make the right choices for you and your body.

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