(Nearly) Magical Weight Loss Tricks

Losing weight takes commitment and hard work – there’s no getting around it. However, there are many great tricks that will make each day just a little easier. “Trick” yourself into losing weight with these tips that are so easy you’ll almost forget you’re dieting.

  1. Chew gum. Gum chewing not only soothes stress but also keeps your mouth busy. You also might not enjoy the flavour of that sandwich so much with the minty or fruity taste of chewing gum in your mouth; brushing your teeth when you have a craving can work the same way.
  2. Freeze grapes. If you haven’t indulged in frozen grapes before, you’re in for a real treat. Sweet and refreshing with a unique and addictive texture, these make a great substitute for candy on movie nights or during snack-inducing afternoon slumps.
  3. Start on a day when your schedule is otherwise easy, like a Saturday. If your Monday workload is challenging, it may be much harder to exert control over your diet. Start over the weekend and by the time Monday rolls around, you’ll already be a couple days into your new habits.
  4. Try almond milk. The unsweetened version contains a mere 30 calories per cup and tastes great, making it an ideal solution for cereal or coffee. Just make sure you’re getting enough calcium and protein elsewhere, such as meats, leafy greens, seafood, and legumes.
  5. Try visualisation. In this form of meditation you’ll be picturing yourself at your healthy weight. Imagine the clothes you’re wearing, the things you’re enjoying (like running on the beach or rocking that little black dress), and the healthy food choices you’re making. This technique can be incredibly motivating.
  6. Sleep more! Happy news: short changing yourself on sleep hinders your weight loss efforts. Now you’ve got a valid excuse to go to bed earlier and even add a few of those longed-for afternoon naps, even if you can fit them in only on weekends. Plus, when you’re sleeping, you aren’t tempted to eat.

Little changes go a long way. Try these tricks and others to keep your mind and body content while losing weight like a pro.


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