Party Food Can Be Fun and Healthy

Hosting a party (or attending one) does not mean that you have to toss your diet out the window for the night. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional splurge, of course – but doing so repeatedly as people tend to do during the holiday season is a surefire way to gain unwanted weight. Whether you’re the one making food for your guests or you’re just choosing what to put on your plate at the next party you attend, keep these tips in mind for sticking to your diet and not waking up regretful the next morning.

Limit Alcohol

A glass of wine or two won’t do much harm (and might even have health benefits). But keep in mind that wine is high in calories and that too much of the stuff is bad for your health in several different ways. Between alcoholic beverages, drink water – this strategy will also help you avoid overindulging and waking up with a hangover.

Look for Party Snacks Made of Real Food

Many popular items on party buffets are healthy in and of themselves. Guacamole and hummus are nutritious and tasty, especially if there are veggies on hand for dipping instead of chips. Fresh veggies and fruits along with various dips make good choices as do nuts. Fill your dessert plate with fruit for a sweet treat that won’t leave you feeling stuffed.

Substitute, Substitute, Substitute

There are many substitutions you can make when baking and cooking, and many of them are so good that you and your guests will never know the difference. For example, when baking, you can swap out some or all of the butter in your recipe for applesauce. Trade regular bacon for turkey bacon to cut back on fat. Use whole grain bread crumbs instead of white. Use low-fat versions of fatty ingredients such as cream cheese. Or use spinach or kale in place of iceberg lettuce to up the nutritional value of the dish.

These are just a few ways to keep your party food healthy and light. The holiday season (or any time of year) is better when you can enjoy the festivities without the scale hassling you about it the next day.

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