Residential Weight Loss Retreats and Total Transformations

Sometimes, when it comes to weight loss, life gets in the way. The jobs, the kids, the social engagements, they all just seem to take priority over our health. If you are struggling with finding the time or the energy to dedicate to your health, you might benefit from some time at a residential weight loss retreat like those offered by OnTrack Retreats in Australia.


These programs are designed to help people de-stress and focus on their health. They cater to busy people who need time to wind down, in a serene setting where they can take a break from the daily grind and refocus. Programs range from the entirely luxurious to those with at strict medical focus. Depending on your budget, your needs and your preferences, there are plenty of residential weight loss retreats to choose from.




Most residential weight loss programs conduct a thorough intake assessment.  This assessment may cover such things as medical history, family history, eating and weight loss history, goals, objectives and basic health screenings. This information is used to help decide which classes may be best and what long-term tools are necessary in order for you to achieve your goals.


Lessons In Nutrition


Nutritional information is essential to weight loss success. Whether the instruction takes place one-on-one or in a group setting, nutrition is sure to be a topic that receives much attention in any program. Such things as making healthy choices and even healthy cooking and shopping options are usually discussed as are the danger foods to steer clear of.




No residential weight loss retreat is complete without exercise. Various classes may be offered such as yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, spinning,  kettlebell workouts, strength training and even swimming. You may meet with fitness professionals who will assess your current level of fitness and help devise a plan appropriate for your needs.


Spa and Special Treatments


Many of the upscale weight loss retreats offer a wide range of special treatments and spa services. These services are designed to pamper guests and are usually a favorite. Guests receive relaxing massages that melt away muscle soreness and special stress management or meditation classes.


Relaxation or Adventure


Some weight loss retreat centers focus on relaxation while others focus on adventure. This is a personal choice, but to be sure there are plenty of options. Relaxation retreats may be on the beach or a lakeside setting and include plenty of downtime. Adventure  programs offer such things as ropes courses, kayaking, white water rafting and hiking.




One of the most important parts of any residential weight-loss retreat program is the counseling that you will receive geared towards providing you lifelong tools for coping with stress, staying healthy and keeping on track with your goals.


Most people leave a residential weight loss retreat feeling refreshed and energized and usually a few pounds lighter. For many, it is just the jump-start that is necessary to propel them on the path to lifelong wellness.

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