The Key to Weight Loss? Personal Responsibility

We all know people who blame outside influences for their lot in life. You may have friends or relatives who seem to latch onto any and every excuse for why they are overweight. They may blame their friends, their partner, their genetic makeup, their job, or their finances – anything but their personal choices.

The fact is that when it comes to any weight loss program, the changes necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and a more active lifestyle are up to you to make. Dedication and personal responsibility are essential to weight loss whether you need to lose a little or a lot. You may know everything you need to know about exercise and healthy eating, but it’s your job to take the steps you need to take every day to reach your goals.

Personal responsibility means:

  • Acknowledging that only you – and no one else – has control over your eating behaviours and lifestyle choices
  •  Not blaming other people or external factors for being overweight. Blaming someone or something else only distracts you from doing what you must to reach your goals.
  • Learning that you can decide how you feel about events that occur in your life and how you will respond to them.
  • Understanding that when you relinquish control over your weight loss choices, you also relinquish control over your weight.

Why personal responsibility matters

Learning to take personal responsibility for your actions is not always easy, but it’s an important step to take. Once you accept responsibility for your behaviours and choices, you’ll start to understand that no one is holding you back from reaching a healthy weight except you. Taking personal responsibility empowers you and gives you a feeling of competence. It teaches you to trust yourself instead of relying on others for happiness or change.

Keeping a food journal is a great way to take responsibility for your weight loss. When you record what you eat and keep track of your progress, you can see patterns, behaviours, and feelings that may be derailing your efforts. You’ll also be unable to blame others or make excuses. You have what it takes to make healthy changes – you just need to realise that you are the one who holds the power.

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