The Truth About Healthy Fats

The word “fat” certainly isn’t seen as an inherently positive noun or adjective. But if you are seeking to achieve wellness and better health, you must remove the negative connotations associated with consuming fat and explore how the intake of appropriate types of fats could positively impact your health.

Experts believe that your body requires fats that come from food. Although there is a difference between good and bad fats, humans need fat as a source of energy. Fat can assist with the absorption of minerals and essential nutrients and can help with the maintenance of our cells and nerves. Fats are an essential component to keep our blood clotting and our muscles moving. Fats can also help to keep inflammation away from our bodies.

As we learn to avoid ‘bad’ fats, we may also inadvertently reduce the amount of good fats we consume. While some experts advocate that consuming saturated fat may increase the risk of hypertension and heart disease, many agree that not all saturated fats are necessarily ‘bad’. For example, studies show that drinking whole milk and eating full-fat dairy foods may be linked to a lower amount of body fat and a reduced chance of obesity. Adding a bit of high-fat butter may actually help a person consume more vegetables and encourage a healthier overall diet and additional weight loss.

There is one thing everyone seems to agree on: all fats are not equal. Some processed foods billed as low-fat may be worse for your health than their high-fat counterparts due to the process used to remove fat and the added chemicals. The consensus is that it is healthy to consume naturally high-fat foods and oils. There are two vital fats that are crucial for good health: omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids work together to shield our internal organs including the heart and pancreas. They help strengthen our joints, too. They can be found in nuts, fatty fish, and seeds.

Fat is no longer a forbidden three-letter word. As you search for ways to maintain health and wellness, don’t discount the power of fats as part of a wholesome diet. With a bit of creativity, you can choose fats wisely and incorporate them into a nourishing menu.


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