Trying to Lose Weight? 3 Things to Stop Doing Now

Are you trying to lose weight but not seeing the results you want? It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you’re doing your best and the scale just won’t cooperate. The solution could be as simple as identifying a few common mistakes that could be keeping you from losing the weight. Here are three things to stop doing now if you’re trying to slim down.

1. Underestimating the amount of food you eat

Many people who think they’re keeping track of how many calories they’re taking in are actually underestimating the number of calories in their food by underestimating the portion sizes they’re eating or forgetting to count the calories in things such as beverages or tiny nibbles throughout the day. Try writing down everything you eat – even if it’s just a bite or two – or using a calorie-tracking app. You can also buy a food scale to keep your entries as accurate as possible.

2. Telling yourself you don’t have time

“Not having enough time” is one of the most common excuses people use for not exercising or eating a healthy diet. The fact is people make time for the things that are important to them. If you want to lose weight, you must find time to work on your goals. Work time into your schedule for exercise whenever you can; even on the busiest day, you can probably fit in a 10-minute walk. Also, remember it doesn’t take any longer to buy or order healthy foods than processed junk.

3. Eating more after you exercise

Working up a sweat can also work up an appetite. However, compensating for exercise by eating more is a common roadblock to weight loss. Many people overestimate the number of calories they burn while exercising and eat more than they need to. Keep in mind it’s much easier to consume calories than it is to burn them. Stop making this mistake by planning your meals and snacks and having a small, low-calorie snack after your workout to satisfy your hunger.

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