Weight Loss Topics No One Wants to Talk About

Starting your weight loss journey can be challenging whether you are trying to lose a little or a lot. We all develop a vision of what we hope our bodies will look like once we reach our goals. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations so that you aren’t blindsided by these events but rather able to enjoy looking and feeling your best at your healthiest weight.

1. You’ll still have the same body

Your body will look and feel different, of course, but it will still be the same body. If you’ve incorporated being overweight into your self-image, you’ll need to reprogram yourself and learn to have a realistic image of yourself to feel your best. To help you adjust the way you see yourself gradually, try taking lots of progress pics and keeping a larger piece of clothing for comparison later as you buy smaller sizes. Take time to appreciate your new body and the work you put into it – don’t let your past ruin your successful present.

2. You may have some excess skin

If you lose a significant amount of weight, you’ll likely have some excess skin when you reach your goal. Some people end up with more loose skin than others; several factors come into play including your age, your genes, how long you were overweight, and how much weight you lose. Toning and strengthening your muscles will help, but the only way to get rid of the excess skin for sure is through cosmetic surgery.

3. You’re going to get lots of attention

Your family and friends will notice your progress – and their comments won’t all be supportive. Some may try to sabotage your attempts at weight loss with snarky or “concerned” remarks. Don’t take it personally; assure them that you’ve spoken with your doctor and you are fine. You may also notice that you get more attention than normal from strangers as well – especially the opposite sex. This attention can be startling if you aren’t expecting it – but try to enjoy the positive feedback and appreciate your new look. You’ve earned it!

It’s essential to have realistic expectations when losing weight to enjoy your new life to the fullest. It’s going to take lifelong dedication – but it’s well worth it.


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