What’s your body trying to tell you?

Have you ever stopped to think whether the daily aches and pains that have become a part of your regular life are actually signs from your body that it’s trying to communicate with you? Or that it’s not normal to feel tired, constipated or bloated 90 percent of the time?

Sometimes, in our rush to meet our commitments and reach our deadlines, we can become out of sync with our body. Our constant weight loss and fitness efforts send our equilibrium out of balance and we’re left wondering: “What on earth is happening?!”

To help you reconnect with your body, here are some common signs that your body might be trying to communicate with you:

You’re always tired

Being tired all the time is not normal. But sometimes, we just get used to not feeling our perky best and ignore tiredness. This is not the solution, however! If you’re constantly feeling tired, it’s a sign from your body that something has gone wrong, especially if you are getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.

You may be suffering from sleep apnea (snoring), or your body might be fighting a bug. The best thing to do is to see your trusted medical practitioner and get a quick check up. They will be able to pin point what’s happening and make suggestions for how you can get your energy back again.

Your poop isn’t fabulous

Okay, so you might not think that pooping can be even remotely fabulous, but the truth is that when you’re regular, the act of pooping isn’t just a relief – it’s a sign that your body is in tiptop shape.

You should be going to the bathroom for a number two after every major meal, so at least three times a day. If your body is working at its best, the first thing you’ll do in the morning is pay a visit to the bathroom. If you’re prone to diarrhea or constipation, then your gut health and digestion isn’t up to scratch. As a quick solution you can invest in a probiotic and add a shot of apple cider vinegar into your daily routine. For the best results, get a check up from your doctor or naturopath.

You get heartburn after eating

Quite often, this is a sign that what you’re eating doesn’t agree with you. I know people who get a distinct burning sensation in their throats if they eat too much chocolate, or pig out on a greasy pizza. This burning sensation isn’t something to ignore. Nor should you simply wait for it to go away.

Instead, take this as communication from your body that your lifestyle isn’t agreeing with you. You need to increase your intake of leafy green vegetables, fruits and opt for a diet that’s rainbow-like in its variety. Cut down saturated fat (especially meat from animals) and give your body a mini detox. If symptoms persist after this, see your doctor.

You feel anxious a lot

A lot of us lead high-stress, anxiety-driven lives. Numerous deadlines, commitments and time restraints make us feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Which is why it’s essential to make sure that you’re balancing your ‘up’ times, with some ‘down’ times for relaxing and unwinding.

It’s completely normal to feel anxious and stressed (our bodies are even hard-wired to react this way to certain stimuli), but what you don’t want is to always feel agitated.

To instantly decrease your stress levels, try moving your breathing from your upper chest to your belly. This will mean pushing your belly out when you inhale (only to what feels comfortable), and letting it sink back in on the exhale.

A long-term solution is to investigate taking up meditation. The health and wellbeing benefits of meditation are enormous, one of which is decreased stress levels and increased coping mechanisms. You can look up some great courses online, or follow a quick meditation guide on YouTube.

And finally, remember to check in with your body on a regular basis. What feels comfortable and good? Where are you holding tension? Does anything hurt? Do these check-ups a few times a day and before long you’ll be well on the path to communicating with your body again.

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