Why Skipping Meals can Make You Gain Weight

Some people skip meals because they do not have the time. Other people skip meals because they are too tired at the end of the day. Still others skip meals to try to lose weight. Whatever the reason is skipping meals will actually ruin your metabolism and make you gain weight instead of losing it.

Damaging Your Metabolism

You may have heard about your metabolism, but do not know much about what it is or what it does. This can make it hard to understand why skipping a meal is so bad for it. When you eat food your metabolism is what helps to break it down. When you eat regularly your metabolism has to speed up to keep up with your meals. When you skip meals your metabolism slows back down. A slow metabolism means that you do not break down food as quickly. This results in having fat added onto your body instead of being broken down into fuel. The longer you have a pattern of skipping meals the harder it is to speed your metabolism back up.

A Better Way

Whatever your reason for cutting meals there are better alternatives than starving yourself. There are plenty of meal replacements you can use that can fill you and keep your metabolism working. These are available in the form of shakes that you can drink while on the go. There are also bars available that are high in protein and carbohydrate giving your body the fuel it needs. The best part is there are often low in calories, so even if you are on a diet you do not have to worry about consuming more than you need. As you work to increase your metabolism, you will find yourself losing the weight easier without being hungry all the time.

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