You Can Control What You Eat; Here’s How

Many individuals struggling with weight loss feel that no matter what they do, they simply can’t control what they eat. However, most people’s food behaviours are not actually out of control, despite what they believe about themselves. Your behaviour might look and feel as if it is out of control, but there are simple ways you can make peace with food and become empowered to make healthy choices.

Eat (the right) breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is strongly associated with sustained weight loss. Many people who struggle with overeating later in the day don’t eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast that includes some fat, protein, and carbs (as opposed to mostly just carbs) will energise you, fill you up, and help you make healthier choices throughout the day. It can also give you the mental endurance you need to deal with work and stress.

Pay attention to what you eat for lunch, too

If you find that you’re ravenous in the afternoon or evening, breakfast might not be the only problem. Your lunch should also contain protein, fat, and carbs to keep your blood sugar up and make you less likely to reach for a chocolate bar when that mid-afternoon slump hits. You might even think you’re making good choices with those grilled chicken salads at lunchtime, but it’s possible you aren’t eating enough fat or carbs or even calories to keep you satisfied until dinner.

Give yourself options

There’s always a healthier alternative. For example, if you routinely stop for fast food on your way home from work, you don’t necessarily have to change your behaviour entirely. Maybe you can simply make a different choice: a turkey sub with lots of fresh veggies, for example, instead of a cheeseburger.

Eat foods that you like

If eating healthy feels like a sacrifice, you won’t stick with it. Find healthy foods that you love and make them the main part of your diet. There are so many to choose from that virtually everyone can find enough things they enjoy to build the main part of their diet out of nutritious, waistline-friendly foods.
Explore various healthy foods – and various ways to enjoy them – and you’ll soon discover ways to have control over what you eat. Getting enough calories early in the day and treating yourself to healthy, delicious foods are important steps in eating a balanced diet that will help you maintain your ideal weight.

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