Calm Your Emotional Eating to Lose Weight

When you are attempting to lose weight, one of the greatest obstacles is the urge to eat out of emotional need. Almost everyone has done it from time to time, but when the weight keeps going up, it is time to re-examine the reasons behind the eating.

Grab Your Notebook

Begin by listing the occasions and circumstances in which you feel the most cravings. You’ll soon discover that you eat for…

Lose Weight Gradually Through Smart Food Substitutions

We all know that it is very important to lose weight gradually if you want to keep the weight off. Yet it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To start, pick one unhealthy item in your daily diet, and consider ways to reduce your intake through substitutions, until you can eliminate the offending food entirely. By modifying your behaviour around key foods, you can affect remarkable changes. So think…

DIY Fitness Training for Beginners

If you are considering increasing your physical fitness but don’t want to join a gym, consider developing your own fitness training program at home. Do it alone or do it with some friends. However you choose, make sure to do your research and get your doctor’s approval. There are three areas you need to address when creating your own fitness-training plan. They include cardio, weight training,…

Best Snacks for Hiking

Cooler weather doesn’t have to signal the end of hiking. In fact, many people enjoy the crisp air and the changing scenery. Packing snacks for your hike can be a challenge – you want them to be lightweight, nonperishable, and most of all, healthy. You don’t want to ruin all that great exercise you are getting by eating junk food out on the trail! Even if you are only going to be out for a…

20 Healthy Foods to Try This Month

Running out of ideas for healthy snacks, or getting sick of baked chicken and steamed veggies? How about challenging yourself to keep things interesting this month by fitting in one (or more) of these super-healthy foods each day?

1. Legumes: Cheap and easy to prepare, legumes are high in protein and fiber.

2. Kale: Kale fights cancer, promotes cell growth, and tastes great in salads.


5 Skills Every Health-Conscious Cook Needs

Even if you cook only for yourself and your family, knowing your way around the kitchen makes cooking faster, easier, and more fun. Mastering a few key cooking skills can keep you from succumbing to yet another night of unhealthy takeout. A healthy, home-cooked meal is simple when you add these five techniques to your cooking repertoire.

1. Seasoning a cast-iron skillet: This type of skillet…

Four so-called ‘healthy’ food to avoid

Struggling to lose those last few kilos? Not sure why you’re feeling lethargic and heavy, despite your seemingly perfect diet? You may well have been fooled by five of these so-called ‘healthy’ foods!

We uncover the top five foods masquerading as healthy and how you can avoid their influence.

Food #1: Got milk?

The food industry would love for us to believe that a glass of milk a…

What’s your body trying to tell you?

Have you ever stopped to think whether the daily aches and pains that have become a part of your regular life are actually signs from your body that it’s trying to communicate with you? Or that it’s not normal to feel tired, constipated or bloated 90 percent of the time?
Sometimes, in our rush to meet our commitments and reach our deadlines, we can become out of sync with our body. Our…

How to jump start a sluggish metabolism

Keen to kick-start spring with all engines firing? Want to feel more energetic throughout the day yet able to sleep deeply and restfully during the night? The key could lie in improving the performance of your metabolism. Thankfully, making a real impact to how your metabolism works is actually quite easy to do.

Start this season off on the right foot by using these easy tips to boost your…

The countdown is on!

With less than five weeks left until spring and 15 weeks until summer, the countdown for a healthy, toned and beautiful beach body is well and truly on. But fear not, my hibernating friend, for there are some tactics you can put in place right now that’ll have you looking and feeling amazing in time for bikini and boardies season.
Tip 1. Skip the snooze

The winter months are notorious for…