Your Next Workout Is Just a Click Away

Have you ever worked out with an online video? If not, why are you waiting? The Internet is full of workout videos, advice, personal training opportunities, and more. Making use of technology to get into better shape is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to make your workout habit stick. Here are some of the benefits.
Online Videos Are Convenient
When you have limited time to work out,…

Five Reasons to Make Eating Healthy Your Number One Goal in 2016

The new year presents us with the perfect opportunity to take stock of our habits and the changes we could make to become healthier and happier. If you’re going to make just one goal to stick with once the holidays have passed, here are five reasons that objective should be to eat healthier.

Healthy eating improves mental health.

What you eat affects your mental health in a big way.

Undoing Holiday Weight Gain

If you, like so many others, have spent the last month overindulging on sweets, booze, or other high-calorie foods, and now you’re reaping what you sowed on the scale, don’t worry. Follow these easy tips for undoing the damage and, in no time, you’ll be wearing your skinny jeans again.

Keep eating. Skipping meals in an effort to shed holiday weight quickly will only make you hungrier…

Taking a Look at the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is known for its heart-healthy properties and the delicious foods it includes. Far from being a fad diet, the Mediterranean diet is a super healthy way of eating that has health benefits galore. Those who follow a Mediterranean diet are treating themselves to a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and more.

Your whole family can enjoy this diet, whic…

Eating Healthy for One

Do you live alone? If you’re like many people who do, you’ve probably found that it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet. There are many reasons why singles tend to have poorer eating habits, including inadequate cooking skills, the increasing cost of food, and lack of motivation to shop and cook without a partner to share the work. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to up your kitchen…

Pre-Diabetes: Now What?

Nearly two million Australians are estimated to have pre-diabetes. However, it’s usually possible to stop pre-diabetes in its tracks, and since this condition is highly likely to lead to type 2 diabetes, it’s important to try. Some key lifestyle and diet changes can keep you from developing full-blown diabetes, even if you’ve already received a diagnosis of pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes has…

Breakfast Foods that Help You Lose Weight

Let’s face it – breakfast food is delicious! And since you start your day with breakfast, it sets the stage for a healthy diet all day long. Here are some healthy staples to keep on hand to help make your weight-loss journey easier.

Eggs. One egg has 72 calories and six grams of protein, making it a much better choice at breakfast time than a carb-rich food such as a bagel or muffin. T…

Five Kitchen Staples that Can Help You Lose Weight

There’s no single magic bullet that will make losing weight easy, but there are some everyday essentials you can keep on hand that will definitely support your weight-loss goals. The best part is that these are all items you probably already have in your kitchen.

Lemons: Lemon juice contains pectin, which is a soluble fibre known to help with weight loss. You can add lemon juice to…

Losing Weight as a Family

Many people who need to drop a little (or a lot of) weight are not the only people in their households with the same problem. Seeing your spouse or children with extra, unhealthy weight can be a big motivator for you to model good habits and start getting control of your own weight. However, getting other people on board with your new, healthier lifestyle is sometimes a challenge. Here are som…

8 Healthy and Delicious Dessert Ideas

If you’re one of those people with a major sweet tooth, you know what a challenge it can be to keep sugar to a minimum in your diet and keep your weight from creeping up. Good news: there are healthy – and delicious – ways to satisfy that urge. All of these snacks do contain sugar (what fun would they be otherwise?) but they also include healthy real foods, so at least you’re getting som…